Useful Arts SFP-30

SFP-30 Tube Microphone Preamp

Natural Warm Tone
Hand Built in the USA
Cinemag® Transformers

Professional Audio Service and Repair Shoppe

SLAM! Mastering Version

Two ELOP and FET “brick wall” Limiters Per Channel

Makes Just About Any Source Sound Better!

We Buy and Sell New and Pre-Owned Audio Gear

Eventide H9000

Eventide H9000 Multi-Effects

Eventide's Flagship Multi-effects Processor

Pioneering Digital Effects for Over 40 Years

We Provide World Class Technical Support to Help Guide You

Wave Distribution UBK Fatso

UBK Fatso Compressor

Versatile, Chest-hitting, Punchy Bottom End

UBK is Legendary! Made in the USA

We Offer Personalized Training & Equipment Rentals

Empirical Labs Trak Pak

Empirical Labs Trak Pak

Mike-E Preamp and ELQ Lil FrEQ

Complete Empirical Labs Channel Strip!

Audio Bungalow is the Ultimate Source for Pro Audio Gear

Solid State Logic G Compressor_front

Solid State Logic G Series

Legendary SSL G Series Stereo Bus Compressor

External Side Chain Source Select

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Whitestone P331

Whitestone P331 Tube Amplifier

6SN7 Octal Double Triode Tube

Highest Level of Musicality Imaginable

We Repair Tube Amplifiers, Electronic Instruments and More

Manley Massive Passive

Stereo Tube 4-band Mastering Equalizer

Specially Tweaked for Mastering

We Enjoy Building Strong Customer Relationships

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Audio Bungalow is the ultimate source for audio recording enthusiasts and music production. We specialize in pro audio solutions, offering a massive demo inventory. We repair and service vintage and pre-owned gear, as well as maintain an extensive rental department. We also provide world class technical support to help guide you, featuring personalized training and certification programs.

Available for Demo

Would you like to compare gear before making a big investment?


We offer one-on-one demos in our acoustically tuned control room, featuring all the bells and whistles found in a professional recording studio.

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