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If you’re not sure where you want your career to go, or if your just looking to improve your skills, our training programs are your best choice. Audio Bungalow’s personalized training will provide you with the audio engineering and production skills to help guide you onto your ultimate path.


Professional Studio Environment

Audio Bungalow has an all equipped studio with the latest gear. You’ll be working with industry standard software in a great sounding control room, so you’ll really understand how your mix will translate when its played on different systems. There’s no experience like hearing your music through expertly tuned monitors in a professional studio!


Course List


Audio Fundimentals

Audio 101 – Sound physics, terms and definitions, audio interactions, studio tour, audio workflows, connections and levels, mics and preamps, dynamics, frequencies and musical relationships.


Audio 110 – Cables, connections, microphone considerations, monitors, MIDI and the computer, studio design considerations, DSP and audio effects.


Audio 201 – Multi-instrument recording, drums, bass, guitars, vocals, preamp considerations, studio ettiquite and best practices, multi-track editing and mixing, headphone routing, working with talent

Producing & Arranging

P&A 101 – Basic music production process, the three phases of production, rhythm, harmony, melody, “the 7 color keys”, “IABO” and its importance on workflow, arranging strategies, basic mix process.


P&A 110 – In-depth harmony analysis, song deconstruction, “the 7 color keys” – advanced, modes, 7th and extended chords, mode mixing, dominance and it’s substitutes, exotic scales.


P&A 210 – Producing for film, music editing, spotting, setting up Logic for scoring, music re-creation, trailer scoring, “themes and variations”, Leitmotifs and scoring large-format productions.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing 301 (Logic) – Advanced mix techniques, EQ, FX, automation, mastering.


Mixing 301 (Pro Tools) – Advanced mix techniques, EQ, FX, automation, mastering.


Surround Sound Mixing – Surround sound mixing for post-production and music, 5.1 & 7.1 configurations, spatialization, stereo and mono fold-down techniques, DVD & MP4 surround renders.

Music Theory

Theory 101 – Notes, sharps & flats, major & minor scales, intervals and triads, basic chord progressions.


Theory 110 – Triad extensions, circle of fifths, ear training, inversions and alternate chord choices, dominance.

Avid ProTools

Pro Tools 101 – Basic Pro Tools principles, using Pro Tools from initial set up to final mix-down.


Pro Tools 110 – Pro Tools for music production, MIDI sequencing and editing, arranging and mixing.


Pro Tools 201 – Avid Pro Tools HD system workflow, session mgmt, studio configurations.


Pro Tools 210M – Pro Tools HD for music production. Leads to Operator Certification.


Pro Tools 210P – Pro Tools in a post production environment. Leads to Operator Certification.


Pro Tools 310M – Advanced operation of Pro Tools for music production. Leads to Expert Certification.

Logic Pro X

Logic 101 – Windows, tools and capabilities, the Logic Workflow, MIDI and audio recording and Editing, Arranging, Mixing. Apple’s flagship DAW is one of the standards in music production, composition, sound design and post-production sound.


Logic 201 – The synths and devices, working with orchestral samples, spotting to picture, advanced production techniques. Includes Alchemy, EXS sampler, entire ES-series synths, vintage keys models and Ultrabeat.

Sound Design

Sound Design 101 – Introduction to sound design, components of a synth, additive, subtractive, analog modeling, basic sampling techniques, wavetable and introduction to FM synthesis.


Sound Design 201 – Complex sound design, 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-order modulation, audio-as-sound design, warping, building custom sampler instruments, granular and semi-modular synthesis.

Audio Production and Sound Engineering

The sound industry is varied with many areas to explore. With our personalized programs, you’ll get all the beginner and intermediate training so you can determine the best direction for your career. You can upgrade to the advanced courses within the specialty you choose afterward.


Streamlined Training

Audio Bungalow offers courses that deliver what you want and need to learn and nothing else. Our programs are perfect if you are looking to focus your time and energy into a more compact program. What’s more,  you’ll save time and money starting small then focusing on where you want to go.


Music and Audio Production Careers

At Audio Bungalow we believe in fueling your passion which is why we offer students the chance to follow their dreams and develop their skills as a professional audio producer, with caring instructors while building life-long relationships with other developing artists.

Thought about taking your production skills to the next level?


Audio Bungalow now offers personalized training & certification programs in a fully equipped working recording studio.


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