Audio Accessories 96 TT DB25
Audio Accessories 96 TT DB25 Audio Accessories 96 TT DB25

Audio Accessories Mini Shorti 96 PT TT 1.5U Quick Switch to DB25 PatchBay


The next generation of Shorti Patchbays has arrived; this 2×48 audio patchbay is wired to DB25 connectors.  This unit features exceptional flexibility with the Audio Accessories, Inc. exclusive Quick-Switch normalling system located on the rear of the panel.  The Quick-Switch normalling allows you to set the individual normals on a per jack pair basis.  This enables you to full-normal (FN), half-normal (HN) or non-normal (NN) by sliding the switches into the appropriate position.  You also have grounding options: isolated, bussed, or grounds vertically strapped (GVS).




  • 2×48 MINI (Bantam/TT) Audio Patchbay.
  • Tip, Ring and Sleeve of each jack wired out to a DB25 Female
    connector (8 jacks in each).
  • DB-25 Connector pinned out for ProTools interface.
  • Reconfigurable normals and ground located on the rear of
    the unit.
  • Cabling support tray for bundling down incoming cables.
  • For use with analog or digital


FN = Full-Normalled
HN = Half-Normalled (Row 1 to Row 2)*
NN = Non-Normalled
GVS = Grounds Vertically Strapped
GB = Grounds Bussed (Row 1 and Row 2)*
* All units shipped Half-Normalled (HN) and Grounds Bussed (GB)