Avid HDX Core
Avid HDX Core Avid HDX Core

Avid HDX Core – Software Not Included


Power to push limits


In recording studios and on soundstages, Pro Tools | HDX Systems make the world’s biggest productions possible. Engineered for the highest performance, customization, and expansion, they enable music and audio post professionals to deliver their most demanding work. Without constraint.


Pro Tools | HDX Overview





Pro Tools HDX Core has up to 5x more DSP power per Pro Tools|HDX card than Pro Tools Ultimate, un-clippable floating-point processing, and higher track counts.


When going native gets tough, the pros go HDX—Pro Tools | HDX, that is. While native systems get more powerful in every new release, software developers take advantage of the added processing power, which results in more code-heavy plug-ins. The net effect is a form of stasis in terms of your ability to handle ever-increasing track and plug-in counts. To get out in front of the race for computer space, Avid engineers give you Pro Tools | HDX, with five times the power of Pro Tools | Ultimate. Plus, with Avid’s Pro Tools | HDX Core card, you get more tracks, more headroom, and superior audio quality. Each HDX Core card can handle 256 voices—that’s 4x more than Ultimate Accel—way more than what your computer can handle, freeing you from system failures when you add one plug-in too many. With Avid’s Pro Tools | HDX, you can go where the muse takes you and create freely


Avid Pro Tools | HDX Core in one take:


  • Modular design lets you customize an HDX system
  • Go big—double your I/O with 64 channels (up to 192 total)
  • Floating-point processing at up to 32-bit/192kHz resolution for supreme sound quality
  • Easy system integration


Customize an HDX system

Completely modular, Pro Tools | HDX enables you to create the perfect system for the way you work—no compromising or clumsy workarounds. With Pro Tools | HDX, you can incorporate a variety of analog and digital interfaces for your studio connections. Mac and PC compatible, you can mix on your big system or go mobile with just a laptop. HDX has all the power you need to bring console feel and functionality to your mixing chores by adding a control surface such as the large-format Avid S6, or small format Avid S3. Integrate into broadcast, post-production, and live sound environments with MADI, the professional way to return sound into your system. Sync your entire studio with included Satellite technology.


Go big or go home

Whether you’re on the scoring stage recording an orchestra, or mixing a noisy feature film with thousands of audio clips and effects, Pro Tools | HDX will double your I/O with up to 64 channels—up to 192 I/O channels with three cards. Pro Tools | HDX delivers 4x more automatic delay compensation, which enables you to work with large plug-in-heavy mixes without the phase issues that come from inaccurate latency reporting—and, if you’re a Gustav Mahler kind of composer, you can create enormous sessions with up to 768 audio and 512 instrument tracks.


Audiophile-quality sound

With floating-point processing at up to 32-bit/192kHz resolution, Pro Tools | HDX provides the highest fidelity and audio transparency with any Pro Tools | Ultimate-Series audio interface you choose. HDX gives you more headroom thanks to 32-bit floating-point processing. Keep clip lights at bay while preserving the level and response of your instrument tracks without obsessive gain staging. Simply add one or more premium Pro Tools | Ultimate series audio interfaces to your core system. Record analog and digital sources in pristine sound clarity with the fully customizable Ultimate I/O. Track, mix, and monitor up to 7.1 surround with the all-in-one Ultimate OMNI, or capture great-sounding vocal and instrument performances Pro Tools | PRE as your front end.


Easy integration

Pro Tools | HDX makes it easy to upgrade your DAW or even your entire studio. Simply connect the system into any MADI-enabled broadcast, post-production, or live sound environment through Ultimate MADI. With Pro Tools HDX, you can control multiple Pro Tools | Ultimate systems from a single transport with the included Satellite Link—and keep Pro Tools | HDX and all other digital devices connected to it in perfect sync with SYNC Ultimate.


Avid Pro Tools | HDX Core PCIe Card key features:


  • 5 times the DSP processing power of Ultimate Accel cards
  • Create bigger, more complex mixes with 4x more tracks than Ultimate Accel (256 per HDX card, combine three for up to 768 voices)
  • Plug-in-heavy mixes are handled easily with 4x more Automatic Delay Compensation
  • Create huge sessions with up to 768 audio and 512 instrument tracks
  • Increased headroom lets your mixes breath and eliminates clipping and obsessive gain staging
  • Improve workflow and sonic parity between DSP-accelerated and native-based Pro Tools systems with the AAX plug-in platform
  • Get a highly responsive feel—even in your most complex projects—with RAM-cached record/playback and real-time fades keep the channel routing in complex sessions in check easily with bus interrogation
  • Work faster with pro-level tools, including Clip Gain, advanced audio editing and automation, surround sound, and more
  • Share even more with Media Composer and other AAF-compatible software with support for multi-channel tracks, Clip Gain, and a 24-hour timeline
  • Get better audio clarity and detail than ever before combining Pro Tools | HDX with any Pro Tools Ultimate Series audio interface
  • Compose music and polish mixes with over 75 high-quality virtual instruments, effects, and sound processing plug-ins
  • Get the sound of the renowned Avid System 5 console with the Avid Channel Strip plug-in
  • Get more tracks and power by simply adding another Pro Tools | HDX card to your system
  • Combine Pro Tools Ultimate Series interfaces to meet your needs, or use Pro Tools Ultimate software standalone for on-the-go mixing
  • Collaborate with Media Composer editors through AAF sharing or Satellite technology options



DownloadHD I/O Guide Version 8.1


DownloadHD I/O Specifications

Technical Specifications

Computer Connectivity: PCIe card Simultaneous I/O: 64 channels per I/O card Digital Inputs: 2 x Mini-DigiLink ports, 1 x Serial Port Digital Outputs: 2 x Mini-DigiLink ports, 1 x Serial Port Manufacturer Part Number: 9900-65173-00