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Shin-ei Honey Vibe-Bro Chorus-Vibrato Pedal U.S. 120V


Vibe-Bro 120V U.S. Version


Vibe-Bro nails the tone, look, feel, sound and that indefinable “chocolate smoke” only found in the early production vintage Honey and Shin-ei, Uni-Vibe effects. Made popular in the 60’s by iconic guitar legends Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, and Robin Trower, the original Honey and Shin-ei “vibes” are legendary and at the top of the list of the all time greatest effects.


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Vibe-Bro is the result of several years of intense planning, experimentation and plain old down and dirty hard work. Created by a team of respected “old school” industry professionals, we wanted to recreate the past as closely as possible and yet add some modern day design techniques without denigrating the natural tone and personality of the original circuit. It was not easy. Design changes were made up until the last minute and we will always be tweaking the Vibe-Bro as needed to give the player a truly great tonal and playable experience. Every Vibe-Bro is hand built by a team who really cares about quality. Sometimes several hours are spent by the “Shin-ei Tone Team” tweaking a unit for its maximum goodness. The Vibe-Bro can never be a mass produced effects pedal. Production numbers are small so great care can be taken to voice each individual unit as close to the originals as possible. We want the user to be able to stand the Vibe-Bro side by side to an original 60’s vintage Uni-Vibe and hear no noticeable differences. We believe we have achieved that goal. When you play one, we think you will too.

True Bypass
You can choose either the "TRUE BYPASS" or the original vintage vibe circuit "PREAMP" mode via the "Signal Path" slider switch on the back of the unit.

Vibe-Bro has been engineered to be pedal board friendly. Measuring 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" it will take up about 20% less space than an original Uni-Vibe.

Available Colors
Vibe-Bro is offered in both "VINTAGE BLACK" and "MACHINE GUN GRAY". Occasionally we will offer the Vibe-Bro in some custom colors as well. Due to production scheduling, not all colors are available at all times.

Build Quality
The Vibe-Bro is built using many NOS electronic components and original Shin-ei "old school" flavoring. Check out the footswitch for instance. It features the "Shin-ei" logo on it just like many of our pedals did back in the day!

Voltage Options
Besides the standard 120 volt North American models. international Vibe-Bro models are available in 220 volt and 240 volt configurations. A special 100 volt model for the Japanese market is in development.